Characteristics of Dyslexia

What is Dyslexia?

  • There are many misconceptions about dyslexia. The earlier students are identified, the greater chance they will have at succeeding in school with the appropriate core instruction and reading intervention.

  • Dyslexic students will not present with all the symptoms on the lists provided. It is also important to remember that not all dyslexics will have the same challenges, the checklist is meant as a guide. Diagnostic assessments will help identify individual strengths and weaknesses.

  • One of the biggest challenges dyslexic students face are schools not recognizing the symptoms of dyslexia and administering remediation strategies that do not address the core deficits of this learning disability (focusing on comprehension strategies or using three cueing strategies example. LLI Intervention).

  • Dyslexic students will also amplify problems with the core curriculum.