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Spreading Dyslexia Awareness and Empowering Individuals with Dyslexia and their Families


Decoding Dyslexia – RI is a grassroots parent movement driven by RI families concerned with the limited access to educational interventions for dyslexia within our public schools. We founded the Rhode Island branch of Decoding Dyslexia in March 2014. We aim to raise dyslexia awareness, share resources, empower families to support their children and inform policy-makers on best practices to identify, remediate and support students with dyslexia in RI public schools.

POLICY GOALS 2019: DDRI "Literacy for ALL" Policy Paper

We are advocating for RI to implement:

• A universal definition and understanding of “dyslexia” in the state education code (Accomplished & Passed in 2016, House Bill 7052*)

• Mandatory teacher training on dyslexia, its warning signs and appropriate intervention strategies (Accomplished & Passed in 2016, House Bill 7052*)

• Mandatory early screening tests for dyslexia (Accomplished & Passed in 2016, House Bill 7052*)

• Mandatory evidence-based dyslexia remediation programs implemented with fidelity, which can be accessed by both general and special education populations (Accomplished & Passed in 2016, House Bill 7052*)

• Access to appropriate “assistive technologies” in the public school setting for students with dyslexia * To date the RI Department of Education has been unable to meet the Bill's requirements, as this was an unfunded mandate when passed. We are now working with the Department of Education on moving to fulfill the Bill's requirements for students. [updated 10.2018]

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