For Dyslexic Students 

Welcome Message 

Did you just find out that you have dyslexia? What does this mean? Reading and writing may feel challenging. That is because reading is not natural. Our brains need to process and hear the sounds in words and apply them to the letters that represent those sounds to decode words fluently. However, one challenge for students with dyslexia is they have a phonological weakness, which makes processing the sounds in language difficult. This can make it hard to connect sounds to letters and words, leading to difficulties in reading and writing. Another challenge is RAN, or rapid automatized naming, which is the ability to quickly and accurately name objects, letters, and colors. This can make it difficult to recognize words quickly and efficiently impacting reading fluency. 

Although dyslexia can be challenging,  please know there are solutions.  While dyslexia never goes away, reading can get better with structured literacy instruction and other supports, such as assistive technology. Structured literacy involves teaching the underlying structure of language in a systematic and explicit way, which can help with phonological awareness and decoding skills. Assistive technology can also be a helpful tool to support reading and writing so you do not fall behind in your classwork and are able to hear the rich vocabulary and structure of our language to help comprehend texts.

Remember, dyslexia is just one aspect of who you are. You have many talents and strengths that make you unique and special. It's important to focus on your strengths and what makes you shine. Don't be afraid to ask for help or accommodations when needed, as it's important to advocate for yourself and your needs.

With determination, hard work, and the right support, you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. Stay positive and keep moving forward, and know that there are people who believe in you and are here to support you on your journey.

School Support 

Reveiw this list of supports with your parents. Highlight the strategies that you think will be helpful to you in your classes. This can be used to create a support plan to address your individual needs. Dyslexia Accommodations . Also review our Assistive Technology page. There may be a tech tool to help you in school. Never feel ashamed to use these.  

Dyslexia Themed Book Series 

Some are available as audiobooks