COVID-19 Parent Resources

Decoding Dyslexia believes the best resource for our students is a highly qualified teacher using evidence-based practices. The resources on this page are meant to support parents and teachers as they try to navigate distance learning.

Tips for selecting and using resources:

  • Many dyslexic children have poor phonemic awareness and will need intensive practice to be able to hear and manipulate the sounds/phonemes in words

  • A structured, systematic and multi-modal/multisensory phonics program is recommended

  • Decodable books help students practice their phonics rules to help them read words with automaticity

  • Audiobooks and reading aloud to children are important to help build background knowledge, vocabulary, and syntax (supportsreading comprehension

Sonday System Parent Empowerment Pack

Dear Parent,

At Winsor Learning nothing is more important to us than the continued progress that your child makes while studying through distance learning. Our hope for you and your family is that you are able to weather this storm as quickly and as painlessly as possible, but we know it’s not easy. Winsor Learning is here for you and your child.

We know that the education needs of your child do not stop in times of crisis like this one. That’s why we are committed to helping you– as a parent– do everything possible to meet the challenges you are facing and continue the momentum your child has built this school year.

Today, we are announcing the Sonday System Parent Empowerment Pack that equips you with everything you need to teach three weeks of Sonday System reading lessons with your child while they are studying from home. This packet is available AT ABSOLUTELY NO COST TO YOU. You read that right – absolutely free! Just click below to download and print your copy today.

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