Symptoms of Dyslexia

(Source: Source: LearningAlly Students do not have to show all symptoms to be dyslexic).

Dyslexia Symptoms and Signs Checklist

Teachers play a vital role in identifying students with dyslexia, yet most have not received training about the symptoms of dyslexia in their education programs. Knowing the symptoms can help students get identified early, so they can go on to experience success in school with the appropriate interventions and instructional strategies. Use the links below as a guide. Parents, if you suspect your child may be dyslexic, share this checklist with your child's educators. Phonological deficits can be remediated, especially when children are identified before 3rd grade.

Dyslexia Symptom checklist

Dyslexia Symptoms By Age


  • There are too many misconceptions about this language-based learning disability resulting in unnecessary barriers for dyslexic students. The earlier students are identified, the greater chance they will have at succeeding in school with the appropriate intervention.
  • Dyslexic students will not present with all the symptoms on the lists provided. The checklists are meant as guides to help refer students for proper testing to diagnose dyslexia. It is also important to remember that not all dyslexics will have the same challenges. This is why appropriate testing is necessary to insure that the most effective interventions are given.
  • One of the biggest challenges dyslexic students face are schools not recognizing the symptoms of dyslexia and administering remediation strategies that do not address the core deficits of this learning disability. Saying the word dyslexia should not be taboo!
  • Teachers are a vital resource to help identify students with dyslexia.