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If you are an educator new to learning about scientifically-based reading recognize you are not alone. This section helps contextualize issues surrounding common literacy practices. The current discussions surrounding literacy practices are not attacks on teachers, the current discussions are calling into question reading pedagogy that does not align with a substantial body of research about how a child's brain learns to read. Educators want all students to be successful readers, but there are many misconceptions about how children learn to read that must be corrected. This page contains webinars, podcasts, and virtual conferences to assist your learning journey and we encourage teachers to read the resources on our Scientifically-Based Reading page to explore videos, articles, and research as they relate to the Simple View of Reading. Emily Hanford's reporting is a good entry point to contextual the need to reform early literacy curriculum and pedagogy. Learning about the science of reading helps remove barriers that prevent many marginalized students from succeeding. Please share our resources with your school and colleagues.

  1. Read the following article Teaching Reading Is Rocket Science

  2. Listen to the audio documentaries by Emily Hanford

  3. Explore the resource links

  4. Bring these resources back to your school and consider joining the FB Group "The Science of Reading What I Should Have Learned in College"

Virtual Conferences

Scientifically-Based Reading Webinars

Dyslexia Webinars and Videos

Introduction to Dyslexia by Dr. Tim Odegard from The Center for Dyslexia MTSU. This is an excellent entry point for teachers.

Distance Learning Resources

Book Recommendations from the Reading League

Professional Development Available for Districts