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Dyslexia & The Law

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Decoding the System: Advocating for a child with Dyslexia

Dyslexia and the IEP

Federal Government 20 U.S. Code § 6368 - Definitions.

Reading instruction in the general education classroom should include the explicit teaching of the essential components of reading.

*Explicit teaching means the teacher is using direct instruction to teach these skills. It is not left up to the child to discover. Once the teacher explains the skills, it is important that children practice and that the teacher is engaged in progress monitoring to identify weaknesses.

Federal Definition of Specific Learning Disability

Understanding Interventions

Popular Programs Do Not Align with Scientifically-Based Reading

Is it a Good Idea To Teach The Three Cueing System?

LLI as a Reading Intervention-"no discernible effects on alphabetics (foundational skills needed for decoding) for beginning readers."

Does your child's school use Lucy Calkin's Reading & Writing Workshop? Read her letter about how this program effects dyslexia (She admits dyslexic children should receive OG/OG-Based interventions

Responses to Lucy Calkins

Dyslexia is the most prevalent and well-recognized of the sub-types of specific learning disabilities. -The National Center for Learning Disabilities